'Thank you for giving me the perfect speech'
Gregory Amos - Barnstaple

'With your much needed assistance I was able to give the speech of my life' John - Glasgow

'The delight on peoples faces was worth every penny' Raymond - Solihull

'I cannot thank you enough. My first ever speech went down so well' Mark - Surbiton

'I was so worried about having agreed to be bestman. But as soon as I received your speech my fears just melted away.' George Childs - Southampton

'My daughter said that my speech was wonderful and she did not know where those great words came from. Sorry Robert but I accepted all YOUR praise as my own' Michael - Tottenham

'I almost wished I had a second daughter to give away just to use another of your speeches' Graham - Rochdale

The Wedding Secret

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Welcome to my Wedding Speeches

Weddings can be great fun! Unless your the one preparing for what, to you, may be the most daunting thing you have ever agreed to do.
But giving a speech as Best Man, Bridegroom, Father of the Bride or even as Bride or Bridesmaid does not have to be such a nerve racking experience. Having the right words to say is 75% of the battle. I have written nearly 7000 wedding speeches to date! Use my speech writing service and I will ensure that your delivery is well received, is in the correct format, and that you will rightfully receive a great response from my writing skills.

Don't Bore them to sleep!

Fun or What! If you give them a boring unprepared speech you will notice the silence. You will not be able to sit down fast enough. But it does not have to be so. My speeches will keep the interest from fading and definitely keep them awake.

Are they laughing with you?

Or at you? I guarantee that my speech will have them laughing with you. You will also be covering the required serious points and after it is over it will be you receiving the resounding applause

My Wedding Speeches

A Speech, specifically written for you, costs just 49.99

Once you order a speech, be it Best Man, Bridegroom, Father of the Bride, Bride, Head Bridesmaid or any other guest then you will get access to download our proforma. Complete as much as you can and return it to us. We will then have all the details needed to give you a perfect, well timed, personal speech that is not too long, not too short. Not only will it cover all the required points but at the same time it will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a little humour and you will certainly enjoy the applause on completion.

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